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AME Course Under CAR-147(Basic)

ACADEMY OF AVIATION & ENGINEERING offers Aircraft maintenance Engineering course which is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil aviation, Govt. of India under CAR 147(Basic). The course is offered in different categories as per CAR 66. This institute covers the major categories of training as follows:
1. Cat. B1.1 (Mechanical-Aeroplane Turbine) – The Engineers licensed in this category certify the maintenance of Heavy Aeroplane fitted with Jet-Engine. If anyone has dream to work in Indian of foreign Airlines in Mechanical category He / She must opt the category B.1.1
2. Cat. B 2(Avionics) – Engineers licensed in this category certify (As per the scope of Authorization) the various Avionics systems fitted on any Kind of Aircraft. Avionics System means the electrical system, Instrument Systems and Radio Navigation Systems.


ACADEMY OF AVIATION & ENGINEERING is Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India for the following A.M.E. (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.) course at BANGALORE Center for Basic License covering

A.M.E.(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) Mechanical Stream( Piston Engine, Jet Engine, Heavy Aircraft, Light Aircraft )
A.M.E.(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) Avionics Stream(Electrical System, InstrumentSystem, Radio&Navigation)
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Academy of Aviation & Engineering

Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation

Ministry of Civil Aviation (Govt. of India.)