Our Staff



Academy of Aviation and engineering a part of ShaShib group of Institutions is counted among the top AME colleges in India, has been set up with the objective of providing “Quality Training” to AME aspirants to fulfil the requirements of ever expanding aviation industry. We are dedicated to provide high quality student-centred education that produces competitive AMEs who enter the Aviation industry with confidence, strong technological and personal skills, prepared for a life of contribution and success. Aircraft Maintenance directly affects safety of air travel. Therefore, quality of training is of utmost importance. We have made efforts to impart quality training to our students.

With new CAR 147 becoming effective we have streamlined our training procedures to meet the enhanced basic maintenance training programs requirements of Category B1.1 and B2 with greater focus on practical training, to meet the needs of our students who will pursue a career as Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. There is an acute shortage of trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers world wide. With UDAN-RCS (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik-Regional Connectivity Scheme aviation industry in India is to boom tremendously. This is perhaps the best time for the Indian youth to take advantage of this opportunity.

Quality Manager

AME, BAMEL in LA, CP, HA, CT, B.Teh in (AMIE)


SN. Name Qualification Post
1 Mr. Vikas Saxena AME, BAMEL in ES, IS, RN, B.Sc Training Manager
2 Mrs. Madhumala AME, BAMEL in LA, CP, HA, CT, B.Teh in (AMIE) Quality Manager
3 Mr. S. Vincilin Paul Samraj B.Sc, B.Tech in Aeronaiutical, MCA Examination Manager
4 Mr. R. K. Singh Degree in Electrical Engineer (IAF) Instructor
5 Mr. P. N. Singh B.A, Diploma in Mechanical Engineer (IAF) Instructor
6 Mr. A. K. Mondal Diploma in Mechanical Engineer(IAF) Instructor
7 Mr. M. Mahapatra B.A, Degree in Mechanical Engineer (IAF) Instructor
8 Mr. S. Bhowmick Degree in Electrical Engineer (IAF) Instructor
9 Mr. Augustine K. Jose AME, BAMEL in PE, M.Tech in Aeronautical Engineer Instructor
10 Mr. B. Hati Degree in Electrical Engineer, (IAF), BAMEL in ES, IS, RN Instructor
11 Mr. S. D. Choudhary AME, BAMEL in ES Instructor
12 Mr. Arpit Gupta AME, BAMEL in ES, IS, RN, B.Sc Instructor
13 Mr. Guna K. R. B.Tech in Aerospace Instructor
14 Mrs. Harini B. G. M. Tech in Electronics Instructor
15 C. S. Lakshmana Reddy Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Instructor
16 Mrs. Roselin Jomol V. G. AME, Paper-I, & II Demonstrator
17 Naved Ahmad Niyaz Ahmad AME, Paper-I Demonstrator
18 Mr. Ashok Kumar Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (IAF) Instructor
19 Mr. Shiv Pal Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (IAF),BAMEL in JE, MBA Instructor
20 Mr. Savith V. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (IAF), BAMEL in JE Instructor
21 S.K. Mukherjee M. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering Instructor
22 Alagusundaram M. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering Instructor